Bitching about Bitching about Bitching

Mean Girls

Mean Girls? (Yeah, except the outfits aren’t as cute and we’re not in high school anymore.)

I got in my first Facebook “fight” today.

It’s true.

Well, kind of. Once I realized that I was becoming engaged in a full throttle ambush from a couple of chicks five years older than me (or so), I disengaged.

It started as what I thought was a typical adult discussion. Someone posted a status (which was more or less, bitching about someone else’s bitching about the Royal Wedding being broadcast on every news station) that I didn’t agree with, so I commented my opinion in an anything but hostile way (which was more or less, because it’s not news. Duh.)

What ensued after that was these chicks pretty much ganging up on me saying things like “I know you’re smart and have SO MUCH to say, but do you always have to have the last word,” and “what a child. so smart with way too much to say,” and blah, blah, blah. Then people I didn’t even know began chiming in with lols and hahas in response to the negative things that were being typed in my direction, and it became very apparent to me that I was being ganged up on from all sides as everyone sat at their computer screens typing their superiority above me and patting each other on their cyber backs.

Nothing of any intelligence was being spewed and I wasn’t taking this as a platform for conversation but as a direct assault upon me. At that point it was pretty obvious they didn’t like how smart I am and how I have an opinion and like to discuss it. I would even go as far as saying, it’s pretty obvious these two don’t like me. (Gasp!)

Yeah, so I had my last word: delete.

The funniest part came a little later when I received a text from one of these chicks “telling me off” (I thought people stopped doing that in high school… ?) because I deleted her and how I better knock off my “childish shit” or life was going to be “really tough” for me. (Ah yes, accusing the childish by sending a text littered with curse words and fallacies because I deleted you on Facebook. A great example of acting like an adult.) She then went on to say a couple things that gave me a good chuckle, and I think you may enjoy them too. (Lord knows, I have to have the last word, so why not blog about it instead of respond?)

1.) You want to be a news reporter but can’t take negative feedback?!!!! Like everyone wants to read about what you and your boyfriend had for dinner on your wall?!!!!!!

Um, first off, I don’t want to be a news reporter. Second off, you weren’t giving me negative feedback… you were mocking me for being smart (uh, I’ve been called worse… ?). And third (uh) off, my facebook page is not CNN or Fox News. It is not in any way a form of validated news reporting. (Wait, are Fox and CNN validated?) So if I want to post how many times I shit in the morning… I can. (Let it also be noted, I have never posted about what me and my boyfriend were eating for dinner.)

2.) I only watched 10 minutes of the Royal Wedding to let [her daughter] see Kate’s dress, smoked a cig and drank some coffee!!!!!

Uh, great… ? I am unsure how your morning itinerary validates your nonexistent point. (Also, note that I think it is not a good idea to smoke around your child. )

3.) I can’t believe you deleted someone over the Royal Wedding!!!!!!!

I didn’t delete you because of the Royal wedding, tard. I didn’t even delete you because you disagreed with me. I deleted you because every time you write something you sound a) hypocritical and b) stupid and lastly because you made it clear you didn’t like me. I never see you in real life, have no ambition to see you in real life, and can’t even have a discussion with you. (Also note, because you have no boobs, case rested.) That’s why I deleted you.

Oh friends, there was so much more, but those were my favorite points she made for her lack of any argument.

That was fun for me. Thank you for reading me bitch about someone else’s bitching about someone else’s bitching.


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