Oh, thank the good lord! A fifth Fast and Furious! I sure can’t get enough of movies about hot broads, flashy, neon (ugly) Honda Civics involved in extreme street races, terrible soundtracks, off the chart Nitrous boosts, and bad acting. Duh. That’s why they needed to make five of them. (Word.)

Let me guess, the premise of this bad movie is going to be something along the lines of a big, tough, bad guy who eventually will have to face off against a righteous good guy in an extreme, no holds- barred street race consisting of two nitrous-boosted neon cars with huge spoilers. There will be some hot babes clad in daisy dukes and mid-driff shirts and one of them will make out with said righteous good guy. There will also probably be some police involvement, whether good or bad. Wait, a minute… haven’t we seen this movie four times already?

Alas, there is always room for a fifth when concerning things that are overtly geared towards men of low intelligence and well… are stupid. (More tits! More chicks! More EXTREME ┬ámid grade cars!)

The only reason any person should spend money to see this gem is for taking it and making it into a joke. In which case… I may see you in the popcorn line.


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3 Responses to EXTREME(ly not) COOL!

  1. Beatrix Kiddo says:

    I could not agree with you more about the need we do not have for one Fast and Furious, let alone five. I saw the first one and maybe half of the second and decided that was three hours of my life I will never get back. That made me sad.

    • Jessica Champney says:

      I think the only reason they made another one of these things is because someone felt bad that Paul Walker and Vin Deisel havent had any work lately. So, they said “Hey I know neither of them have any actual talent but, we can’t keep ignoring their calls”
      Other movie guy: “Well, I guess you’re right but, I’m not putting either one in any of my good movies…..”
      “I know! Let’s make ANOTHER fast and furious!!!! I’m a genius”
      And that is how Fast and Furious 5 was born. I just got douche chills writing that…YUCK.

      • Becki says:

        You’re probably right. However, I do have to say, if Paul Walker just keeps his mouth shut… he’s pretty dreamy.

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