My Friday Night. (Envy me.)

It’s Friday night.

While most of my peers are deciding what to wear, which bar to crawl to, and who they could potentially make out with, I am at home surrounded by books and academic scholarly journal articles, writing a paper that will dominate my final grade in a class by a whopping 50%. (No big deal.) For dinner, I have eaten a half pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream followed by half a bag of Goldfish. (Balanced diet.) To some this may seem a boring, uneventful, torturous Friday night, however it has proven to be most satisfying for me.

I have been working on this paper for almost five hours straight now, a paper that I was able to choose my own topic for, as long as it was in some way related to a global issue concerning our current world. I eventually settled on the question to what degree does Pakistan affect the region and subsequently the rest of the world when concerning nuclear proliferation? (The reason I landed on this topic as my final choice is because I personally think Pakistan is a huge risk concerning this issue and as a “frienemy”of the US we tend to coddle them more than tackle the problem at hand. My opinion is that while we may be attempting to stabilize and rebuild Afghanistan, Afghanistan is the lesser of two evils. …However, we can argue about this another time.)

The only real reason I am posting this is not to bore you with my school assignments, complain about my Friday night, or discuss Pakistani and US foreign relations.

The main reason I am posting this is because it’s Friday night and hey, at least I’m not waitressing.

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3 Responses to My Friday Night. (Envy me.)

  1. Christine says:

    Ha. Love the last line.

  2. Jessica Champney says:

    I hope that will be my last line someday. :)

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