Status Update: I’m not smart.


Why is it that we have a rash of “criminals” who are getting caught because they update their status about their illegal activity? Am I the only one who sees this or doesn’t it seem pretty stupid to brag about your criminal heists via a social networking site, no matter how proud you may be, because the whole point of robbing a joint (or any illegal act really)… is to not get caught.

Recently, a Texas duo of mastermind, super criminals utilized their highly developed skills for criminal scheming and then… updated their status about it on Facebook. (Read about these dumb asses!)


According to CNN, they composed such literary profoundness in status update form as “Get $$$(;.,” and “U have to past the line sometimes!! To get dis money.” Ah, yes, the sentences of geniuses. If that doesn’t prove how smart they are, the two then began writing on each other’s wall about how rich they were. The only way that this story could be any more laughable is if they had “checked in” at the bank they were robbing.

The saddest part about this is that these two brainiacs are not the first people to be caught amidst evil doings by announcing their criminal ploys on Facebook. Idiots.

Who needs Batman when you have Facebook?

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