We’ve Been Trumped.


DonkeyHotey. Donald Trump – Caricature. Photo. 23 Feb 2011. 19 Apr 2011.

Donald Trump for president?

Are we serious, America? Or the better question is, is he serious, America? He has made claims to be considering running before. Although according to a CNN report, in 200o he was only “seriously considering” and now he’s “seriously considering more than he ever has in his life.” Okay, apparently this is getting seriously serious now.

I think there are a couple things we need to take into serious consideration ourselves before we start promoting the tycoon magnate that is Mr. Trump…

1) He began campaigning on his roast on Comedy Central (if that is any indication of how much of joke this whole thing is). Typically when someone is called upon to be roasted, it is because no one actually takes them seriously. (The past roasted have included Flavor Flav, Pamela Anderson, and Bob Saget… hmm.) Maybe that was a ploy to attract the lower income voters, maybe not. Whatever it was, in my opinion it was unprofessional and a clear sign as to what his campaigning is supposed to mean to me: about as much as Flavor Flav decided to fall in love with New York or Boots.

2) Trump’s political views have pretty much flip flopped since his bout with the idea of becoming President and CEO of The United States of America, Inc. When in 2000 he supported abortion rights, gay rights and civil unions, and universal healthcare, he now denounces these things and calls himself a “tea partier.” What do you actually believe Trump? On top of that, his main argument so far has been proving that Obama is not a citizen of the United States and by demanding to see his birth certificate. This to me is another joke amongst a stand-up tour of them. Are we really back to that? How is it logical that they would overlook something like that when Obama was filling out his application at the Human Resources department of America? He’s the damn president, not a manager at McDonald’s. That shit doesn’t get missed when the potential employee is applying for President.

3) He’s best known for being a billionaire, a bad hair-do and the phrase “You’re fired.” I think we can leave that, well… at that.

4) Just because someone knows how to monopolize millions of dollars into their bank account by managing hotels and golf courses and reality TV programs, does not mean they understand a nation that is (supposedly) “of the people, by the people, for the people” (Lincoln). The fact that Trump’s net worth has been all the talk on American news networks actually makes me think even less of him as president. “I think you’ll be very surprised at how Forbes says $2.7 billion. It’s much higher than that,” Trump was quoted as saying by NBC. Who the hell cares?

All of these things of course, are unimportant if speculators are correct and he’s simply doing this as a publicity stunt, and I sure hope so, because if his next reality TV show is called The White House Apprentice and his new catch phrase is “You’re vetoed” …

I’m going to assume that we’re all doomed and move into a convent.

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2 Responses to We’ve Been Trumped.

  1. DonkeyHotey says:

    Hi Becki,

    Thanks for choosing to use my caricature of Donald Trump. I see that you forgot to link to the original image. Here it is:


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