Well handled Sir, Well handled.

Well, it’s about time Obama turned the jokes on to everyone else.

Last night the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner was held, which has been a tradition since 1920 in order to allow better communication between the press and the President, or so they say. As President, this has been President Obama’s second, and this may be one of those times when the sequel was actually better than the first one.

Obama managed to poke fun at near everyone, right down to his wife, Matt Damon, and Fox News. The highlight for most was when he turned his spotlight onto Donald Trump, who looked anything but amused at the fun jabs that were being thrown his way. (One more reason why Trump wouldn’t make a good president; much like god, the president should have a sense of humor.) However, my personal favorite highlight was when he released his “birth video” which was a clip of the Lion King and then explained to Fox News that it wasn’t real. Brilliant.

Whenever the President speaks, I typically tune in. Not always because I find it interesting, usually for that, but sometimes its more to stroke my own ego when people are talking about it and I know what’s going on, but… uh, anyway… To be honest, I’m proud of our president for making this speech. He’s gotten some flack for bringing humor to the dinner, but folks, this isn’t the State of the Union address, this is more or less a dinner party to dazzle the media, and oh boy, did he ever.

Of course, with any video that allows comments, this one is no disappointment, and I’d like to take the liberty to break some of them down…

McMurrayGirl1: He should be worried about the country not making a stupid ass video, that makes him look stupid!!! I love the way he acts like he gives a shit about the people who were harmed by the tornados in alabama

Translation: I’m not smart

obamaisaturd:The only funny thing about Obummer are those ginormous wingnuts called ears on the side of his head. Start flapping them and take a one-way flight back to the village in Kenya that is missing its idiot, you turd.

Translation: I’m really, very stupid.

johnocc: Obama = Fascist

Ron Paul = Constitutionalist

Translation: I use words that I don’t know the meaning to, like fascist.

noyouaintgettingit: Ron Paul 20,000,000,000 Obama negative infinity

Translation: (Actually, I really don’t know what this means.)


Translation: I am very sad deep down inside and have no friends.

More or less, people baffle me. Truly, they baffle me, and trying to discuss politics (or really anything) on the internet with most people is sort of like trying to explain why the sky is blue to a room full of 5 year olds while they pretend they “get it.”

But Obama, sir, cheers to you.

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