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You Can Take the Country Out of the Newscaster.

Nothing in this US of A says take me seriously more than a pretty little news anchor, who was once Miss Ohio, boasts a communications degree rather than a journalism degree, and just released a country music album! Woot! Give … Continue reading


Shitty Detectives

I have a dog. I love my dog. She of course, has one major flaw; she shits. This isn’t a huge issue for me however, because I live in a rural area, and have plenty of places to discard of … Continue reading

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Murderers are beautiful too! Duh!

Some of you may have watched the Miss USA Pageant last night, but I (on both hands) did not. No. No. No. I would much rather waste my time watching Cats 101. I would benefit more from that, I believe. … Continue reading

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How can we make dating more impersonal?

I know! I know! Turn it into a video game! I always thought it was the addition of shots of whiskey that ruined my dating experience, but now I know otherwise… it was because it was real life. Duh. With … Continue reading

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152 Top Facebook Friends

(First, who the hell has 152 people they “care most about?” I can think of like 4.) Oh, okay. This makes sense. You know, getting 152 of your “top friends” on Facebook’s profile pictures tattooed on your arm in a … Continue reading

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My Childhood Portrait

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Banned: Saggy Pants!

Well, well. If it isn’t a ban that finally makes sense. Recently, in Fort Worth, Texas saggy pants have been banned from all buses. Yep. In order to get onto the bus, you must first pull your pants up, which … Continue reading

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Drugs Won!

Well, according to a global commission announcement this month we have officially lost the War on Drugs. “The global war on drugs has failed, with devastating consequences for individuals and societies around the world. Fifty years after the initiation of the UN Single Convention … Continue reading

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