152 Top Facebook Friends

(First, who the hell has 152 people they “care most about?” I can think of like 4.)

Oh, okay. This makes sense. You know, getting 152 of your “top friends” on Facebook’s profile pictures tattooed on your arm in a sleeve. I’ve been wondering how I can carry Facebook around with me more then just on my lap top and cell phone. Duh. Tattoo that shit right on your arm.

But what happens when so and so changes their profile picture? That makes the whole tattoo pretty much null and void, no? And what if you get a new best Facebook friend? Or you end up hating one of their faces that you will then have tattooed on yourself for eternity?

And why stop there? I’m pretty sure next this chick has to get a face tattoo of her profile picture and then next to that the phrase What’s on your mind? right across her forehead. And then right above her vag she should get the number of men she slept with (let’s say 10) and it should say 10 people like this (thumbs up).

Yeah, this may be one of those things mom warned you about regretting one day… Seriously.

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