Banned: Saggy Pants!

Well, well. If it isn’t a ban that finally makes sense. Recently, in Fort Worth, Texas saggy pants have been banned from all buses. Yep. In order to get onto the bus, you must first pull your pants up, which is always an option, but that would kill your steaze, no? (Duh.)

Apparently, the campaign to stop the invasion of saggy pants on the T (the bus system) has been raging since August 2008, but it wasn’t until just recently that the buses actually changed their dress code in an attempt to force these saggy pant wearers to be more respectful.

City Councilman Frank Moss has said that baggy pants hurt young people’s ability to land jobs and then pretty much went on to say they’re setting an example with this new policy. An example of what? That you can’t wear something if law makers deem it not attractive?

What about the ladies who have their cleavage hanging out? When will they be forced to pull their shirts up out of respect? (I would ban Texas if they banned cleavage.) I mean, if they’re going to ban pants hanging off someone’s ass, I ask that they also ban Ugg boots because I find those to be highly disrespectful of taste. Oh, and you know what else they should ban? Red Sox shirts. Those are just plain disrespectful to everyone.

Don’t get me wrong. I think sagging pants that are barely hanging onto the bulbous part of one’s ass look ridiculous- just plain stupid. There’s some kid who thinks he can rap and hangs around my little quaint Vermont homeland that wears them dangerously low, and I have said to him “You look stupid” but just as I have the right to say that, he has the right to wear what he so pleases. As long as his bare ass isn’t visible I see no issue with him riding the bus. (I may judge him… but that’s what public transportation is for anyway judging people- right?)

On another note, I don’t think these anti-saggy pants advocates are aware of the benefits that they can provide. Such as saving you from an alligator attack (check that out here). A florida teen owes his life to his baggy, saggy pants (or at least his leg).

Now who the hell can say that about skinny jeans?!

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