How can we make dating more impersonal?

I know! I know! Turn it into a video game!

I always thought it was the addition of shots of whiskey that ruined my dating experience, but now I know otherwise… it was because it was real life. Duh.

With programs such as Second Life and other interactive online “worlds” people have been having their social interacting via avatars for a while now. (I have to admit, I am addicted to the Sims 3 like bad. Another story, for another time, my friends.) And it has been impacting some lives drastically. You know, like they can’t leave their computer desk chair because they have to be involved with their simulated lives. Babies have died because of this trend… and more than one. One couple met online, got married online, spent their honeymoon online and then split because the dude was having an affair online and all of this occurred on Second Life.

And dating sites such as and are regularly trafficked with loveless people looking for that special someone. (1 in 5 relationships starts online now…)

So it was only a matter of time before they combined the two into your own personal virtual dive bar of love. Sites such as Omnidate and Weopia have begun spouting up and they claim that you get a better chance at getting to know the person other than just the profile.

Really? A virtual avatar of their choosing is going to help you get to know them better? I beg to differ, people.

Are we seriously to the point where people will believe that having a fake setting and a fake likeness of yourself can produce real results? Now don’t get me wrong. I’m sure a lot of dudes and chicks could use this to hide what they may be ashamed of and I’m sure the people geeking out to Modern Warfare 93 would feel more comfortable navigating “flirting” via a mouse click. Oh, and I’m sure that all the predators of the internet are psyched, but let’s be honest, folks. It’s still not real life, and eventually you will have to face up to that.

The idea is to let you choose your avatar in your likeness, but mind you, on most sites you can’t change weight or facial features. You just pick one you would like to be represented by. Then you pick the setting of the “date”… Would you like your first date to be at a beach side villa or maybe you’re more comfortable in a bar like setting? Or maybe you just want to get it on virtually in a sex club… Whatever your fancy, you choose it, and then you chat.

I would like to make a point here now; It’s the same fucking thing as chatting in a chat room. Except now you have a pretend face to go with your misspelled words and acronyms.

How this is supposed to make online dating more “personal” I fail to see.

So… while some may find it more comforting to chat online and send winking emoticons as flirts, I’m pretty damn content winking in real life and having too many shots of Jamesons… with the possibility that I may actually get some action. (But then again, I’m a hands on girl…)


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