You Can Take the Country Out of the Newscaster.

Nothing in this US of A says take me seriously more than a pretty little news anchor, who was once Miss Ohio, boasts a communications degree rather than a journalism degree, and just released a country music album! Woot! Give me more headline news, Robin Meade!

Robin Meade, the anchor of her own morning news program on HLN (CNN’s sister network) called Morning Express with Robin Meade, has been jump starting morning news ratings for a while now, particularly with the male population. And why not? Cutesy, kind of bubblegum-ish looks and killer legs will draw in just about any man… but folks, save this for Spike TV not the news.

Let’s get this out the way… what I am about to write may seem to be trying to diminish Meade’s achievements. This is not the case. I think it is fantastic that she won Miss Ohio, was in the top ten for Miss America, was voted 2004′s sexiest newscaster by a Playboy poll, and won an Emmy award for her coverage of a collision between a school bus and a train in Fox River Grove, Illinois back in 1995. I also think it’s great that she has a degree, whatever it may be in, and I think it’s just the shit that she has used her title of “Spank Bank Newscaster” to launch herself a little country diddy. Superb, Robin. Truly.

So now Robin Meade has released a country album titled Brand New Day, (oh, how pleasant), with hits such as a cover of Don Henley’s Dirty Laundry, a tribute to the stories she covers (not kidding) and her song meant to accompany her morning show called Morning Sunshine (not kidding).

What inspired Robin’s music career? Well, as it would turn out… the stress of being a “perfect” news anchor. ”I was failing at being the perfect news anchor that I thought I was supposed to be. In other words, never messing up. I was so busy filling the prescription of what makes the perfect news anchor that I was losing my authentic self, and it manifested itself in the form of panic attacks on the air,” Robin said, according to CNN.

In order to overcome her anxiety she did what any girl would do; she hummed a little tune and eventually got a record deal. Duh.

Oh, but it gets better, friends. Now, HLN is asking you to submit your original jingle to be the new theme song for Morning Express with Robin Meade! (Enter Here.) So, pretty much Robin gets a record deal and then decides that she also wants a reality competition. (Nothing says take me seriously like a reality competition. Duh.)

Typically, this would not bother me. However, these are the programs that are supposed to be delivering us news. You know, that stuff we should be taking seriously. And here they are, doing everything in their power to keep me from doing just that.

I’m sorry Robin. I know you’re begging me to heed your words and say things like “that Robin Meade, she sure does good things for the news industry,” but…

I… just… can’t.


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8 Responses to You Can Take the Country Out of the Newscaster.

  1. Charles Volcher says:


  2. Lee says:

    I think robin meade is the most annoying anchor on television.

  3. jeff says:

    Its fine that Robin thinks she’s hot, funny, charming, relevant, and can carry a tune…..I certainly cant, and I’m certain most of us can’t.

    She tries to be folksy, and that’s where she betrays her professional facade.

    BTW, those are good traits, and they’ve gained her an anchor job undoubtably
    over other candidates who probably deserved the position more.

    Imho, she’s a lightweight, who’d never be able to keep an anchor job on any serious major channel news.

    She’s much better suited for any number of “entertainment tonight” type shows where she doesn’t have to hold back her cranium piercing moaning-nasaly-giggle-laughs, and can really let loose, maybe even singing some of her lead ins…..which is clearly what she’d rather be doing

    Its absolutely amazing that she’s been able to use her positively sunshiny deamenor to have a stranglehold on cnn.

    I have to say that at first I found her act refreshing , but when I realized what hit me, I cleaned it off and now see her in a more accurate light.

    • Becki says:

      Thanks for your thoughts, Jeff! They seem rather similar to mine. Although, as a journalist I do not necessarily think she is of the highest caliber, I wish her the best in her career.

      Cheers! Take care!

  4. Anton St John says:

    I can’t believe that Robin Meade still has a paying gig tonight on CNN involving anything to do with a news broadcast. She laughs at my inappropriate moments, can’t seem to tell a serious story from a lighter one, routinely mispronounces words that aren’t exactly obscure or uncommon, and is totally unprofessional, even by the low bar set by Morning Express. Glad to hear a few other people feel the same as I do about her. She’s a total embarrassment to broadcast news

  5. art says:

    I used to love Robin 10 yrs ago. I couldn’t stop watching HLN for a minute. I don’t know, but as of the last several yrs, maybe it’s the writers, but she is so annoying with her fake laughs. A laugh every now and then is cool, but she laughs at stuff that is not even remotely close to being funny: When a story is not even close to being funny, don’t bust out a huge laugh and drag it out. It looks so fake. Just a thought.
    No-one laughs like that everyday of the minute. She needs to keep it real and be herself, and true to what’s funny and obviously not. I wouldn’t be pissed off if she holds back on most of the laughs and just spit out the news.

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