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Things I Hate with Certainty:

Alright, let’s go. Things I hate with certainty: Pickles. The phrase ‘true that’. Yeast infections. Nancy Grace. Men in scarves (yes, I prefer they freeze). Plaid shorts on men. Tattoos of fairies or dolphins. Any math that involves the alphabet … Continue reading


Nothing Says ‘Life of the Party’ like Dead

In what could be one of the most creepy news stories I have had the privilege to read in a while, two men Robert Jeffrey Young and Mark Rubinson, drove around with their friend Jeff Jarrett’s dead body in the car and … Continue reading

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Our Society has ‘The Situation’

I’ve never seen The Jersey Shore, a fact that I remain steadfastly proud of, but one that most of my girlfriends find offensive. When asked why I don’t watch it, I simply respond with the truth; I don’t have the … Continue reading

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Stalking the One Who Got Away

There is no doubt that some crazy percentage of people (like 100% probably) have used their Facebook account to do some research (aka viciously stalk) an old flame or a past crush. We’re a curious type and we also have this … Continue reading

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