Things I Hate with Certainty:

Alright, let’s go.

Things I hate with certainty:


The phrase ‘true that’.

Yeast infections.

Nancy Grace.

Men in scarves (yes, I prefer they freeze).

Plaid shorts on men.

Tattoos of fairies or dolphins.

Any math that involves the alphabet in the problem.

Dunkin Donuts’ coffee. (I do not run on Dunkin… ever.)

Pilgrim outfits.

Jokes that involve ‘yo mama’.


Ugg Boots.

Spandex (Scratch that, I like spandex.)

People who want to save all the puppies but eat hamburgers.

Pink sports jerseys and hats.

The letter U.


Alright. Your Turn. Go.

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3 Responses to Things I Hate with Certainty:

  1. Christine says:

    Celery in soup

    That’s about it at the moment.

  2. molly magoon says:


    • Becki says:

      Your hatred of PT Cruisers is unnerving Molly. If I ever win a million dollars, my first course of action is going to be buying one of these and having Xzibit pimp it out with a fish tank, sub woofers and shoe rack for you.

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