Toot Toot Friendly’s!

When I think of Friendly’s, I think of many a different thing: The time I threw all my chicken fingers on the floor to skip dinner and jump right to desert, how I always got black raspberry ice cream with peanut butter topping, whip cream, and chocolate sprinkles (they would later make this into an actual sundae choice proving once again, I’m brilliant), it was the location of my first ever walk without parents or a chaperone, and how could I forget the time my brother threw up for hours after eating the cream of broccoli soup.

There is no doubt that any adult nowadays has at least one memory that stems from this iconic family restaurant. (In New England, anyway.)

But just this past Wednesday morning, they filed for bankruptcy. (Read more from NPR.) Why? Who wouldn’t want to eat at a place that serves sundaes in the form of mystical creatures? Or milk shakes that are as thick as… well, ice cream? Or greasy plates towering with 3 of every appetizer they have? (What a mystery… ?)

So Friendly’s has launched a campaign to jump start their place in history all over again with some renovations and a little retraining of the terrible service they have been rumored to have.

Let me be frank people, no matter how many memories I may have at this establishment, I am not ashamed to admit, I will not lose any sleep if they disappear. The last time I went to a Friendly’s I was in high school and rightfully so. Aside from the fact their food is not exactly the best in the land, and I can get ice cream pretty much anywhere, Friendly’s has one major, major problem…

They don’t serve booze.

What self respecting adult goes to a joint that they can’t get a beer at?

So Friendly’s, I suggest you ditch wasting your money on the retraining of servers and simply get a liquor license. Problem solved.

You can thank me with a free shot.

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