The Near Impossible Bucket List


- Write a best selling novel that is acclaimed as the best by every single person that reads it.

- See a real, live dinosaur.

- Be Britney Spears for 24 hours.

- Meet Plato, Socrates, and/or Aristotle.

- Travel the whole universe, from end to end.

- Love a man as much as he loves me.

- Read every single book on the planet.

- Know for a fact whether there is a God or not, and if there is, which one of the religions actually got it right.

- Make hate and prejudice nonexistent.

- Make out with Robert Pattinson and/or Brad Pitt.

- Understand physics.

- Travel the country with Jack Kerouac.

- Live forever.

- Find a vegan substitute for cheese that actually tastes like cheese.

- Believe every word politicians mutter.

- Have a TV show.

- Ride a killer whale.

- Have a mote filled with killer whales.

- Live through the 1920′s. And be in the mob

- Have a vampire boyfriend, who does not eat me.

- Dance on top of a burning star.

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