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“Brick Lane” by Monica Ali

A fact that many do not know about me, nor usually believe once they find out, is that I am a total sucker for a love story, especially a complicated love story. So typically if I scan the words love, … Continue reading

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The Barfriend

Barfriend /bahr frend/ n. 1. a person you meet at the bar in the hopes that you two may one day live happily ever after, but only end up sleeping with a couple times before you realize he/she is a … Continue reading

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My Crowded Mouth

Since the dawn of my mouth, there was a destiny bestowed upon it that I did not choose: My mouth would be crowded, very crowded, with words, jokes, boys, smiles, laughter, and what this blog is about… my teeth. It … Continue reading


I am not bored.

When I was in the 7th grade at Granville, New York’s middle/high school, we were asked in the home economics class to create collages that described ourselves. Right dead-center of mine was a big, bold word, cut from some magazine … Continue reading


Survival of the Fittest: Lesbians.

A few years back, I had been watching a program about different battles of sexes found in nature -in a top ten, females dominated all but one- but there was one in particular that piqued my interest: the Whiptail Lizard, … Continue reading


The Fresh Scent

Yesterday, I asked my boyfriend to pick me up a product on his way home from work. A product that I need and a product that immediately made him giggle at the thought of purchase. Tampons. First, let me begin … Continue reading


Must Read: “Sometimes a Great Notion” by Ken Kesey

I am a most critical reader of books. I mull over each sentence, judging both the book and the person who wrote the book, and because of this there are few books that really tickle my fancy. (Okay, see? I’m … Continue reading

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