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Olympic Waste of Money

Billions and billions of people tuned in yesterday to watch a little thing known as the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games. The few people that filled bar seats at the Sushi Bar- and myself diligently behind the bar mixing … Continue reading


VT Phone Home

“You need to get out of Vermont.” This is something I have heard from numerous people, of all ages, for the passed six years, and even though each person generally has their own reasoning behind that statement, for the most … Continue reading


I am the Greatest According to My Status Updates.

There is no surprise when someone announces they have a Facebook account. In fact, typically within moments of meeting a person before you ask them what type of music they like or if they prefer the Red Sox or Yankees, … Continue reading


I’m with the Sushi Bar Crew.

I had a waitressing nightmare last night. Ask any server, and they’ve had them, too. I assure you. They’re crippling, but in a way that is not typical of nightmares. Generally, they consist of the server having their whole section … Continue reading

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The Help: Sugar-Coated Bites of a Real Dilemma

As I have mentioned before, I have a tendency to judge books rather harshly. This is especially true for books that the nation (oh, silly nation) praise and recommend, and this is most certainly the case with The Help by … Continue reading


Good Carrying Skills a Must

Sometimes, when a person tries to help another, they’re really just making it worse. That’s not their intention. In fact, their intention is as golden hearted as a child’s, and you should have no choice but to try and suppress … Continue reading

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Order in: Common Sense (Oh, and a real job.)

As a server in the restaurant business, you have to contend with a lot of questions. People wanting to know what kind of ingredients are in each dish. People wanting to know what’s the best thing on the menu. People … Continue reading

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My Mom’s Engaged

My mother is getting married. This is something she said she would never, ever do again, and yet, here she is, engaged to be betrothed. How did this news make me feel? (Blank face.) Honestly, I didn’t feel much. The … Continue reading

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I do not have time for this blog.

I’ve been getting a lot of hate mail recently. Mainly because I don’t have time to go to the bar and pound PBR’s with the best of the worst. Or because I don’t have time to go sit on someone’s … Continue reading



I was behind a car at a stoplight on my way home from the gym today, a car that was literally plastered from top to bottom with bumper stickers. Each bumper sticker had on it a plea for more thought … Continue reading