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I deactivated my Facebook today (And other Political News)

In what may be the boldest move of my campaign for world domination yet… I deactivated my Facebook account. Yep. I made the decision and stuck by it. A sense of liberation washed over me after I searched for twenty … Continue reading


Ann Romney and The Jewelry Lady

Sometimes, when work is slow, I’ll walk the village of the ski resort I waitress at and take a gander at what is happening. Last Saturday, I came across a lady with a jewelry stand and we started discussing the … Continue reading

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“Don’t Breathe A Word” by Jennifer McMahon

There are a few reasons why I picked up this book, and all of them are traditionally bad reasons to pick up a book. I’ll be honest about that, but I’ll also admit that the traditionally bad reasons to pick … Continue reading


Sarah deleted her Facebook.

It’s true. Whether you believe it or not, one of my best friends deactivated what was her lifeline to casually going through people’s socially networked lives piece by piece. She can no longer see how much more attractive she is … Continue reading

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The Man Under Glass

I had a nightmare last night, that was not in fact, a nightmare. (At least, not by conventional standards.) It was the kind of nightmare where nothing really seemed all that scary, until the very end when this feeling started … Continue reading

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The Local Guy

He leaned in just a bit and gave her a look that was too obvious in its nature. He didn’t know that, of course, but I did. They were the only two at the bar. Aside from them, I had … Continue reading


“God is Dead” by Ron Currie Jr.

I have always been a firm believer in judging books by their covers. This is not to say, that if I see a book with a cover that is not striking to me at once, that I will avoid reading … Continue reading

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