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The Art of Arguing (or Why I Always Win)

I’m good at a variety of things. Much the same as any person, I assume. However, there is one activity that I’m really good at: arguing. I’m not talking about being good in the sense that I can keep up with the … Continue reading


Attention: Mila Kunis has my Butt

I’m a sucker for anything romantic. Most people don’t believe that, but it’s the truth. Books, strangers’ stories at the bar, wedding pictures, blah, blah, and of course… Chick flicks. I’m pretty sure the adoration of romantic comedies and movies … Continue reading


It’s not me. It’s you.

Occasionally, it comes to my attention that certain phrases are over-used on the internet. Cliches -if you will- that we see bounced back and forth between the good people of the world wide web out to tackle their problems one … Continue reading


Late Night Texts (and other issues of a hot chick)

I was having a conversation with a dude friend of the mine the other day through text messages regarding the state of my current relationship; a relationship that has no doubt had some extremely rough patches the passed half year, … Continue reading

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The World Series of Weddings (October 13th, 2012)

On October 13th, 2012, my mother got married. In every single way, this wedding was anything but traditional. The irony that shrouded who she was marrying. The resentment that I was holding onto as the maid of honor. The ceremony … Continue reading

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The Dalai Lama. Reality.

Reality. If I were to assume what one might hear the most of at a Dalai Lama speech, I would assume spirituality, not reality. Maybe more of what one would call preaching as opposed to speaking, teaching, talking. And laughing. … Continue reading

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Home (and Other Moments of Reflection pt. 8)

(Continued…) The cot was much more comfortable than the benches, floor, and recliners of the intensive care wing’s waiting room, but if I thought that I was going to get any more sleep, I was mistaken. The constant beeps and … Continue reading

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Visitors (and Other Moments of Reflection pt. 7)

(Continued…) We had just been transferred to a private room and the accommodations were better than I expected, honestly. It was as if I had gone from homeless to the Hilton in a mere hour. Private bath with shower, cot … Continue reading

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Get Well and Anal (and Other Moments of Reflection pt. 6)

(Continued…) Mike has this thing for greeting cards. Whenever we needed to get one for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, mothers’/fathers’ day, etc., he would go out and pick out a small bundle and then come home with a big grin … Continue reading

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Awake (and Other Moments of Reflection pt. 5)

(Continued…) They had pulled the tracheal tube out. Seeing him without that down his throat was one of the most refreshing sites I could have asked for. “He’s still combative, but at this point, we figured we might as well … Continue reading

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Trite Complaints (and Other Moments of Reflection pt. 4)

(Continued…) I stared at myself in the hospital bathroom mirror. The florescent lights illuminated my face, which was currently filled with only flaws as far as I could see. My eyes were as swollen as Mike’s from crying and trying … Continue reading

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Waiting (and Other Moments of Reflection pt. 3)

(Continued…) Most of what happens while being in the emergency wing of a hospital is waiting; at least, that was my experience of it. Waiting for tests to come back. Waiting to be told you can see him. Waiting to … Continue reading

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