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Defriending! Trending!

I’ll admit– lately I’ve been quick to pull the ‘unfriend’ trigger on Facebook. If the thought just touches my mind that I should defriend someone, I do it. No more thinking too hard about it or weighing my options about … Continue reading


Fifty Shades of [Censored]

I’ve given into society’s questionable choice in books before, even though it usually takes some time. I resisted the Twilight series for years up until I saw a picture of one of the werewolves with no shirt on in a … Continue reading


Grossly Negligent Use of Hardwood Floors

If there is one thing I hear often it’s “I can’t tell anyone else.” 75% of the time, that statement precedes a story of sexual matters. For a long time, I have been the haven for many of my friends … Continue reading

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