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What Christmas Means to Me

If you clicked on this expecting your typical “family and friends and egg nog and good feelings inside and woven sweaters with black bears humping on them and sipping hot chocolate by the roaring fire place while Tiny Tim giggles … Continue reading

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They don’t sell hugs at the mall.

I hate malls. I can’t stand them. I didn’t even know this about myself until a few weekends ago. I thought I loved them. Mainly because I love shoes, but still… I didn’t always feel this way. I’m like many … Continue reading

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PSA: Stop reading into shit, but do read into this one.

Some of the things I have been writing about have been called into question recently. And apparently, people are investigating my blog and then reporting things to others as facts. A sort of third party, ‘he said, she said, Becki … Continue reading

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Grossly Negligent Operation of a Smart Phone

Cell phones are nifty little gadgets that we as first-world citizens cannot really live without anymore. I am certainly guilty of this. Probably even more so than others. And guess what? I have what is referred to as a “smart” … Continue reading

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