PSA: Stop reading into shit, but do read into this one.

Some of the things I have been writing about have been called into question recently. And apparently, people are investigating my blog and then reporting things to others as facts. A sort of third party, ‘he said, she said, Becki Trudell said’ game is occurring where people are using my blogs as the premise of their case or cases against me because of their lack of evidence otherwise. Rumor has it, they read them and then go to others and tell them that I’m dropping little clues for people to gather. People are reading the posts and basically assuming that I’m not intelligent enough to figure out that writing incriminating information on the internet is dumb. My words are being analyzed to absurdity. Not by most -most take my blogs for the stage to make jokes that they are- but someone out there has taken it upon themselves to read all of my words and then run around telling everyone the imaginary juice they were able to squeeze from the fruit of my site.

The problem is that they’re looking into the wrong shit. They’re reporting false information. And they’re attributing situations I write about to the wrong people.

I don’t know exactly who is doing this. That doesn’t even matter. I can safely assume that whoever it is doesn’t like me or care to get their facts straight. I do want to get some stuff out there on the internet though for anyone investigating my character via my passion which is writing.

1) Many times, the blogs in question are written months before I put them up. For example, Late Night Texts (and other issues of a hot chick), a blog that has been under scrutiny as of late, was written at the beginning of the summer and has nothing to do with whatever and whomever some people think it does. Nothing. Truly. My blogs do not happen on the day that they are posted. Some of the things I write about have happened years and years ago.

2) Typically speaking, when someone with ill intentions comes and reads my stuff, and then assumes that they know what I’m talking about– they’re wrong. Every single time that someone has said to me “everyone tells me about you writing stuff about me on the internet!,” (this has happened by two different people) they are so far away from the truth, I have little choice but to laugh. Not a single person yet that has accused me of this in a negative fashion is actually in any way a prominent topic in this site. In fact, the only people that are… are the people that ask and want to be. According to the people that interrogate me on matters such as this though, everyone –but definitely not them– reads my writing and then finds it necessary to go and relay that it’s about these few people that have no part in my life that’s even worth joking about, without having a clue on what they’re talking about. (Mainly because they have nothing to do with me aside from reading my blog.) That’s more or less gossiping and spreading rumors, and I appreciate that people are dedicating such time to my personal issues that they know nothing of, but… really?

3) Your heavy traffic is good for me. It’s good for my blog. Thank you. I hope you still come and read my posts. I also have this handy little plug-in installed on my web site that allows me to see everyone that visits my blog– right down to the name of their internet network, whether it was on a cell phone, Mac or PC, how they got to my site, what city, state, country they visited it from, what browser they used (chrome? safari?), which blogs they visited, how long they spent on each page, and which blogs they moved to next, and pretty much everything every person does whilst on So that’s fun. And maybe a little creepy. Pretty much, if I really wanted to waste some of my life, I too could investigate, but like– for real, and figure out the culprit or culprits or whatever. Fact is, I don’t care. (But seriously, please still read my blog.)

4) Whoever is doing this, has bad intentions. They are trying to start fights and blow things out of proportion and overall not actually figure out what’s happening, but rather just take nuggets of my words and use them for selfish purposes. And that’s fine, I guess, because when all is said and done, I know what’s true and what’s not. And really, you’re giving my words a lot of power, and I like that.

But it’s good to remember that I rarely use this site as a platform for negativity. And I certainly don’t use this site to throw people I know under the bus. And if you’re not in my life– I’m probably not going to write about you or yours. And that if you’re going to use my web site for investigative purposes, maybe you should employ a team of fact checkers, too. And if people are really that concerned with me writing about them– their best bet is to not give me something to blog about. I write. I’m going to continue to write. But if you read too deeply into what I write, chances are you’re going to miss the point– this blog is for fun purposes, it’s not a diary where I share secrets I want people to discover; it’s not a place where I exact revenge on anyone; it’s nothing more than a place for me to write about how life’s not so bad – it’s actually great- so let’s laugh.

That’s all. Now… back to dick jokes.

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