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More Dry Humping, Please

Who doesn’t love a good dry hump from time to time? I mean, essentially it’s abstinence yet still humping. That’s magic.

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Fraternizing with the Tourist Boy (And How You Can Too!)

Are you 35 and still checking single on your taxes? Do you walk into your local bar, look around, and think meh, I’ve already made-out with every single dude in here? Maybe you’re just really, really bored…? Well, if you’re a server, I … Continue reading

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Talking, Shitting, Facebooking, Introducing (and other Woes)

I recently became single again a little while back and it occurred to me that because of my decision, I’m forced to undertake the daunting task of starting all over from scratch with some unsuspecting dude. Square one. Aside from … Continue reading

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Attention: Mila Kunis has my Butt

I’m a sucker for anything romantic. Most people don’t believe that, but it’s the truth. Books, strangers’ stories at the bar, wedding pictures, blah, blah, and of course… Chick flicks. I’m pretty sure the adoration of romantic comedies and movies … Continue reading


Late Night Texts (and other issues of a hot chick)

I was having a conversation with a dude friend of the mine the other day through text messages regarding the state of my current relationship; a relationship that has no doubt had some extremely rough patches the passed half year, … Continue reading

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Thoughts of Single-dom

If there is one thing I’m good at… it’s being single. (It turns out I have a lot of practice.) This week has so far, been a roller coaster of emotions, but for the most part I’ve always had a … Continue reading

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How Mike and I Met (and Other Relationship Problems)

Somebody once told me that relationships were hard. I don’t remember who the initial person to drop that bombshell on me was, but I’ve heard it regurgitated time and time again. Relationships are hard. They are work. You will hate … Continue reading


The Northshire Missed Connection

As is a custom of my every week, I make a trip down to Manchester, Vermont to visit the bookstore. (This week its today.) Last week was no different and I had plans to meet up with my friend Sarah, … Continue reading


The Local Guy

He leaned in just a bit and gave her a look that was too obvious in its nature. He didn’t know that, of course, but I did. They were the only two at the bar. Aside from them, I had … Continue reading


My Mom’s Engaged

My mother is getting married. This is something she said she would never, ever do again, and yet, here she is, engaged to be betrothed. How did this news make me feel? (Blank face.) Honestly, I didn’t feel much. The … Continue reading

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The Barfriend

Barfriend /bahr frend/ n. 1. a person you meet at the bar in the hopes that you two may one day live happily ever after, but only end up sleeping with a couple times before you realize he/she is a … Continue reading

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The Fresh Scent

Yesterday, I asked my boyfriend to pick me up a product on his way home from work. A product that I need and a product that immediately made him giggle at the thought of purchase. Tampons. First, let me begin … Continue reading


Comfort Zone

Dating is tedious. Dating could be one of the most drawn-out, boring systems that we as humans have created. I have always thought this even when I was a bit younger and should have been going out on six a … Continue reading

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