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Must Read: “Sometimes a Great Notion” by Ken Kesey

I am a most critical reader of books. I mull over each sentence, judging both the book and the person who wrote the book, and because of this there are few books that really tickle my fancy. (Okay, see? I’m … Continue reading

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True Cross by T.R. Pearson

“I offered him a breath mint- the only foodstuff I had on me- and he eyed me the way a man who offers a dog a mint deserves which I elected to take for a sign of uncommon intelligence on … Continue reading

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Actual Weight Loss Not Included

Well, well. Just when I assumed I would be stuck with this extra 10 pounds forever… a good friend of mine sends me the link to this gem: underwear filled with magical, healing magnets that are “believed to” boost my … Continue reading

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When Aliens Attack… ?

Last night I watched a completely and blatantly fictional program on alien invasion broadcasted by National Geographic. The show called When Aliens Attack raised the question of what would Earth do both in defense and survival tactics if we were attacked … Continue reading


I wish I had written it.

I highly recommend Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman for anybody looking for a series of essays on popular culture that have a freshness about them like that of a spritz of lemon air freshener. (If that’s your … Continue reading


Maybe You Touched Your Genitals?

… Or maybe you didn’t. The fact of the matter is, you never really know upon seeing someone what exactly they were doing wherever they may have been. Well, leave it to some company to avoid beating around the bush … Continue reading

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Display Your Useless Leftover Items!

It turns out there is something to do with all that junk that your ex leaves at your apartment after your split… make it into an exhibit at a museum. Duh. The Museum of Broken Relationships (it’s cool, check it … Continue reading

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Oh, thank the good lord! A fifth Fast and Furious! I sure can’t get enough of movies about hot broads, flashy, neon (ugly) Honda Civics involved in extreme street races, terrible soundtracks, off the chart Nitrous boosts, and bad acting. … Continue reading