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My Fictional Boyfriends (or Why all Real Boys are Doomed)

I’ve always wanted a boyfriend- even at a really young age. I wasn’t one of those young lasses that daydreamed about a wonderful wedding and having babies and picket fences. As far as young girls go, I was pretty level-headed- … Continue reading


Exes and Ohs

Over my years of being a girlfriend to men, I’ve realized that eventually with every single one you will undoubtedly have a talk about your ex-whatevers. This is a normal development in the course of a relationship and should neither … Continue reading


The Answer is Yes (or Dear Future Boyfriend,)

Some of you may be aware and some of you may not be aware, but my new hobby is going on dates. I go on dates every week. I’m currently averaging 2-3 in a seven day span of time, and … Continue reading


Oh, the romance! (And a missed connection to boot.)

Anybody that knows me, knows that I have a thing for the Craig’s List “missed connections.” I check them every morning. I check them throughout the day. I end my night by laying in bed and giving them one last … Continue reading


Fraternizing with the Tourist Boy (And How You Can Too!)

Are you 35 and still checking single on your taxes? Do you walk into your local bar, look around, and think meh, I’ve already made-out with every single dude in here? Maybe you’re just really, really bored…? Well, if you’re a server, I … Continue reading

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Talking, Shitting, Facebooking, Introducing (and other Woes)

I recently became single again a little while back and it occurred to me that because of my decision, I’m forced to undertake the daunting task of starting all over from scratch with some unsuspecting dude. Square one. Aside from … Continue reading

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What Christmas Means to Me

If you clicked on this expecting your typical “family and friends and egg nog and good feelings inside and woven sweaters with black bears humping on them and sipping hot chocolate by the roaring fire place while Tiny Tim giggles … Continue reading

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PSA: Stop reading into shit, but do read into this one.

Some of the things I have been writing about have been called into question recently. And apparently, people are investigating my blog and then reporting things to others as facts. A sort of third party, ‘he said, she said, Becki … Continue reading

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Grossly Negligent Operation of a Smart Phone

Cell phones are nifty little gadgets that we as first-world citizens cannot really live without anymore. I am certainly guilty of this. Probably even more so than others. And guess what? I have what is referred to as a “smart” … Continue reading

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Grossly Negligent Use of Hardwood Floors

If there is one thing I hear often it’s “I can’t tell anyone else.” 75% of the time, that statement precedes a story of sexual matters. For a long time, I have been the haven for many of my friends … Continue reading

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The Art of Arguing (or Why I Always Win)

I’m good at a variety of things. Much the same as any person, I assume. However, there is one activity that I’m really good at: arguing. I’m not talking about being good in the sense that I can keep up with the … Continue reading


Attention: Mila Kunis has my Butt

I’m a sucker for anything romantic. Most people don’t believe that, but it’s the truth. Books, strangers’ stories at the bar, wedding pictures, blah, blah, and of course… Chick flicks. I’m pretty sure the adoration of romantic comedies and movies … Continue reading


It’s not me. It’s you.

Occasionally, it comes to my attention that certain phrases are over-used on the internet. Cliches -if you will- that we see bounced back and forth between the good people of the world wide web out to tackle their problems one … Continue reading


Late Night Texts (and other issues of a hot chick)

I was having a conversation with a dude friend of the mine the other day through text messages regarding the state of my current relationship; a relationship that has no doubt had some extremely rough patches the passed half year, … Continue reading

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The World Series of Weddings (October 13th, 2012)

On October 13th, 2012, my mother got married. In every single way, this wedding was anything but traditional. The irony that shrouded who she was marrying. The resentment that I was holding onto as the maid of honor. The ceremony … Continue reading

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