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Top 5 things I Want to Say about the VMA’s

As is the case every year, I didn’t watch the MTV Video Music Awards- partially because I’m a self-righteous warrior riding a high horse of anti-everything mainstream, but also because I can’t afford cable.  No, instead, this year in grand … Continue reading

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Hi! And welcome to the Super Hot Babe Club where we share with you a bunch of super hot babes and you jerk off while your wife is at her once-a-week Zumba class and your kids are watching Frozen for the … Continue reading

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Happy (I’m Still Not a) Mother’s Day!

Age: 30 Marriages: 0 Divorces: 0 BABIES: 0 Babies’ Daddies: NA Good news internet! This year’s 4th annual Happy (I’m Still Not a) Mother’s Day pregnancy test was positively negative! My uterus of steel has been successful for another year- … Continue reading

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Chasin’ that Zack Morris High (and Other Vagina Victories): Ted Barbell

(Chasin’ that Zack Morris High is a recurring series that details my experiences dating and having one-night stands with (mostly younger) dudes. Teeter tottering between equal parts genius and whore, either way totally not giving a fuck- these blogs are an … Continue reading

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She’s Fakin’ it, Bruh (And Other Things I’ve Learned from Porn)

I watch porn. Most that know me are aware of this, because I’m pretty cavalier about it. Honestly, I see nothing to be ashamed of.  You, fellow surfer of the interwebs, might watch porn too. Or maybe you don’t. That’s … Continue reading


BREAKING NEWS: Maple Syrup is Actually Heroin!

It was 5:08 a.m. when our anonymous source woke up- both she and morning still blanketed with darkness. Fighting back the urge to pee, she reached over for her cell phone to shut off the alarm she had woken up … Continue reading


You Can’t Turn a Douche Bag into a Husband

Most of my mornings that are not consumed by work or my boyfriend begin by me drinking coffee and reading the news and other gems on the internet. I peruse around a bit, get a basic view of what’s going … Continue reading


My Pledge of Allegiance

My boyfriend and I of almost three years have very little in common. Really, we enjoy very little of the same things. He doesn’t like to read; if I had my way, it is close to all I would do. … Continue reading

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I deactivated my Facebook today (And other Political News)

In what may be the boldest move of my campaign for world domination yet… I deactivated my Facebook account. Yep. I made the decision and stuck by it. A sense of liberation washed over me after I searched for twenty … Continue reading


Ann Romney and The Jewelry Lady

Sometimes, when work is slow, I’ll walk the village of the ski resort I waitress at and take a gander at what is happening. Last Saturday, I came across a lady with a jewelry stand and we started discussing the … Continue reading

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Olympic Waste of Money

Billions and billions of people tuned in yesterday to watch a little thing known as the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games. The few people that filled bar seats at the Sushi Bar- and myself diligently behind the bar mixing … Continue reading



I was behind a car at a stoplight on my way home from the gym today, a car that was literally plastered from top to bottom with bumper stickers. Each bumper sticker had on it a plea for more thought … Continue reading


Animal Rights Equal Sex! Duh!

PETA (People for the ethical treatment of animals) must like jokes… … because they’re totally becoming one. I get it. Save the animals. Everyone loves animals and I appreciate the fact that PETA doesn’t single just one out for saving. … Continue reading


Irreconcilable Differences. Uh… duh?

Oh. Irreconcilable differences. Ah, yes. Just today Maria Shriver filed for divorce with the one and only Arnold after about a month ago he came clean about his bastard child with the housekeeper. I didn’t see that one coming. And of … Continue reading

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Murderers are beautiful too! Duh!

Some of you may have watched the Miss USA Pageant last night, but I (on both hands) did not. No. No. No. I would much rather waste my time watching Cats 101. I would benefit more from that, I believe. … Continue reading

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